Jackson Browne: Live and Litigious


Still not really over John McCain's slimey presidential campaign? Reason enough to go see Jackson Browne play at the Paramount Theater August 19.

Remember how McCain irritatingly mocked Obama's fuel efficiency ideas? Before the election, McCain snarkily handed out tire gauges which read, "Obama‘s energy plan," a stunt meant to deflate the Obama suggestion that Americans improve their gas mileage by keeping all tires properly fully-inflated.

Moreover, McCain used Jackson Browne's song "Running on Empty" to accompany a web ad that dissed Obama's energy plan. But last week, Jackson Browne won his copyright battle against the Arizona senator. He got an apology and an undisclosed sum of money from McCain.

Which makes Browne not just the "thinking man's rock star" or "Rock's poet laureate " (as some -- perhaps just by his PR team --have called him). He's now the liberal man's litigious rock star who stuck it to the GOP.

So maybe that gives a wee tad of credence to the initial response, from McCain's lawyers, to the lawsuit: They suggested Jackson's complaint was a PR stunt to  promote his new album, which came out a month after the suit was first filed.

Nonetheless, rock on Jackson Browne. Your show will certainly get more attention than the October 8 Paramount theater concert by Loggins and Messina. Unless Henry Louis Gates Jr. tries to appropriate "your mama... don't dance" as a musical diss to Sgt. James Crowley.

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