Jams We Love: 7x7's Weekly Playlist


For our column Jams We Love, we're turning you onto the songs that keep us going every day. Here's a mix of songs from artists we're most excited to see at this year's 90s-steeped Bridge School Benefit.

1. Neil Young & Crazy Horse, "Cortez the Killer"

If you missed seeing NYCH at Outside Lands, this is your chance. And, of course, they'll be shredding for a good cause.

2. Guns N' Roses, "Patience"

Because Bridge School is mostly an acoustic affair, we can't wait to hear Axl Rose (who will most likely be in attendance, unless he's feeling grumpy that day) whistle in their best unplugged song, "Paitence."

3. Gary Clark, Jr., "Bright Lights"

Hailed right now as the "savior of the blues," GC Jr. is definitely the fastest rising artist on this year's Bridge School lineup. Because the blues started out with no electricity needed, he's obviously expected to dominate. Once you hear his voice, you'll know what I mean.

4. Jack White, "Sixteen Saltines"

Jack White is one of those chameleon artists who can seemingly do it all, and if he needs to learn a thing or two, he totally can because his brain is nimble enough to tackle anything. I can see him collaborating with any of the artists on the Bridge School roster. Perhaps the audience is in for an awesomely impromptu jam sesh?

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5. The Flaming Lips, "Race for the Prize"

Wayne Coyne's voice is so gorgeous and crystalline, it's not hard to hear exactly how he'd sound stripped of all his band's signature psychedelic accompaniments.

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