From marching for civil rights with Martin Luther King Jr. to canoodling with cabaret magicians, Joan Baez has quite a resume. Finding romance with Ukrainian illusionist this summer, the legendary folk singer plays Madame Zinzanni to Yevgeniy Voronin's Maestro, celebrating their blossoming circus love with aerialists above and clowns under foot - all while you chow down on tuna tartare. 

Teatro Zinzanni is a celebrated San Francisco tradition of theater, cabaret, circus, music, and comedy - all going down on Pier 29 in a rare Belgian circus tent, only a few of which still survive today. Made in the late 19th century, it's filled with mirrors and stained glass and is as much a character in the show as the man who delivers your soup or the opera diva who makes that stained glass quiver. Or the insanely flexible woman on the silks who used to swing for Cirque du Soleil (this round, it's Bianca Sapetto). 

Through July 31. Pier 29, the Embarcadero at Battery Street. Tickets are $117-145 at 415-438-2668.