photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Roughly 1,000 people attended "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," the Junior League of SF's 13th annual home tour comprising seven Russian Hill homes. Guests mingled in the outdoor marketplace as they shopped for gourmet goodies while listening to live music. A winetasting pavilion, local cheeses and grilled salmon salad were among the many treats offered at the sprawling event.

Chris & Mena Larsen JL Home Tour 2007 JL Home Tour 2007
Chris & Mena Larsen                                                                         Jackie Chimera, Pier Iberti  

Steven Gibbs_Molly Fuller JL Home Tour 2007 JL Home Tour 2007
Steven Gibbs, Molly Fuller                                                              Rene Rodman, Kelly Grimes

JL Home Tour 2007 guest_Nancy Witzeling JL Home Tour 2007
                                                        guest, Nancy Witzeling

JL Home Tour 2007 Lauren Haswell_Cathy Guaranieri JL Home Tour 2007
                                                       Lauren Haswell, Cathy Guaranieri

 JL Home Tour 2007 Kristen Harper_Cathy Harrison
                                                                                                      Kristen Harper, Cathy Harrison

JL Home Tour 2007 Kimberly Hooker_Shannon McClennahan
                                                                                              Kimberly Hooker, Shannon McClennahan

JL Home Tour 2007 Chris Railback_Lazane Jobe
                                                                                                     Chris Railback, Lazane Jobe

JL Home Tour 2007 Caitlin Pressley_Susan Harper
                                                                                                     Caitlin Pressley, Susan Harper

JL Home Tour 2007 Christopher Mann of Etoile
                                                                                                     Christopher Mann of Etoile

guest_Megan Hirschbein_Shannon McClennahan_guest
guest, Megan Hirschbein, Shannon McClennahan, guest

Erica Whittaker, Laura Miller, Danielle Boule, Sarah Fey

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