If it seemed like you saw more kids on bikes this week, you’re not imagining it. This week is the official Bike to School Week in San Francisco, and fifty-two schools and thousands of kids and parents are pedaling their way to class.

In our densely populated city, traveling by bike is the best way to get around, whether you’re an adult or kid. In San Francisco, about 50% of students live within a mile of their school, so pedaling to school is a great option. Plus, seeing hundreds of kiddos riding through your neighborhood will give you some serious hometown pride, guaranteed.

So if you’re riding through the Wiggle, Panhandle or down Valencia Street and see a bike train of little ones, ding your bell, give ‘em the thumbs up and say happy Bike to School Week. And if you’re not up early enough to see them, enjoy these pics of San Francisco kids rolling to class. 

Oh, and for you adults, Bike to Work Day is May 9!