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courtesy of Bazaar Bizarre

Holiday shopping is a daunting mission that sometimes feels closer to mission: impossible rather than mission accomplished. If you're anything like me,  you want to give your discerning friends and family gifts that are unique and thoughtful, but with a hint of luxe. Department stores can be resourceful but also over-crowed with frantic shoppers assigned to your same mission. Fear not savvy holiday shoppers; there is an alternative to malls and hip neighborhood shops around which parking is sparse and so is selection. This weekend make a trip to the Bazaar Bizarre; the mother of all craft shows featuring a wide assortment of clothing, accessories and even ceramic plates that look way more interesting than the usual Sur la Table variety. The Bazaar Bizarre isn’t your typical holiday gift fair; besides the abundance of potential gifts and unusual crafts the event also features DIY classes, workshops, art and local entertainment. Instead of braving the ruthless crowds at the mall this weekend, make operation holiday shopping an enjoyable experience. Who knows; maybe you’ll learn how to reconstruct your old beat-up jeans or craft your own handmade stockings or even a psychedelic-themed menorah for your aunt.

Bazaar Bizarre
Saturday, December 15 from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
SF County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park
Lincoln Way at 9th Ave.
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