Link Love: Leibovitz Down on Her Luck, Pelosi's Hairstyling Hopes and More...


Our love for linkage labors on…

Talk about hugging deadlines. As Style List notes, Annie Leibovitz reportedly has until tomorrow to pay back $24 million in loans or risk forfeiting the copyrights to her entire collection of iconic photographs.

If you don’t already know Dallas-based shoe designer Rocio Ildemaro, start now. The W Editors' Blog insists.

Only in San Francisco highlights local walking tours that focus on shopping.

We love new beauty tips, so we were happy to indulge our eyes in a list of good ideas over at Sephora’s Beauty and the Blog. Our favorite: Love your shampoo but hate buildup? Mix a teaspoon of cider vinegar into your shampoo bottle every other month. For more, check the follow-up post with tips sent in from Sephora’s Twitter followers.

Yay or nay? What do you think of the body armor jewelry we recently spotted on Luxist?

Local blog Periodic Elements of Style saves a winter coat with a few smart tweaks at the tailor, as detailed in these before and after posts.

Dino Ray asks a question we have also found ourselves pondering on Sunday nights.

The Cut drools over The Row.

Nancy Pelosi reveals her secret desire to be reincarnated as a hairstylist, via Gatecrasher (scroll down).

During a recent City by the Bay appearance, the girls of The Hills fawned over Tart Cosmetics with Style Studio.

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