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Art and Hieros

photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

440 Brannan Studio Showroom (440 Brannan St., 415-957-1411) held an art and fashion soiree featuring works by artist Elaheh Borna and clothes from the Hieros line on Thursday night.

Tim Rose, Yooyoo Nazirbaygiev, Elaheh Borna

Borna                              Edmund Sasso, Phillip Gums          Brandon Giordino, Tanya Jameson

Marcus Pope, Audra Stamm       Paula Collins, Colin Sebestyen   Sady Callaghan, Tanya Jameson

                                                                                                       Gina Nightengale, Melike Ozcana

Katiya Vimitrova, Roger Alan, Victoria Martinova                  Valeria Rossi, Eric Eisenmann

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