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BRAVO! Holiday Party

photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

BRAVO! Club held its holiday cocktail party, which included performances from SF Conservatory of Music vocalists, at Palmetto on Union Street.

Mike Posey_Kathy Posey Patrick Fuentes_Marie Carr Maggie Stack_Annette Giambroni
Mike & Kathy Posey                      Patrick Fuentes, Marie Carr     Maggie Stack, Annette Giambroni

Christina Marie_Mary Murley Virginia Ziegler_Gui Orliac Sterling Duncan_Dave Morris
Christina Marie, Mary Murley       Virginia Ziegler, Gui Orliac       Sterling Duncan, Dave Morris

Pederson_Fernandez_Kanga Peter Yared_Fati Farmanfarmaian
Mark Pederson, Morena Fernandez, Khan Kanga                     Peter Yared, Fati Farmanfarmaian

Annette Giambroni_Sean Cullen_Marie Carr Nikki Mirghafori_Gregory LaBlanc
Annette G., Sean Cullen, Marie C.                                                  Nikki Mirghafori, Gregory LaBlanc

Fluhr_Robertson_Farmanfarmaian Philip Aquilino_Sequoia Fisher
Claire Fluhr, Michelle Robertson, Fati F.                                           Philip Aquilino, Sequoia Fisher