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Wildlife Works Opening Party

photography by Heather Wiley

Wildlife Works in Cow Hollow celebrated its grand opening with a "sexy safari for sustainable fashion," wildlife cocktails, a safari photo shoot and eco-raffle.

Lindsey & Maya Poppin Jessica Scadron_Sarah Mossman Christine Savage_Heather Mithoefer
Lindsey & Maya Poppin  Jessica Scadron,Sarah Mossman  Christine Savage,Heather Mithoefer

Albert Brown_Terry Young Emily Hammond_John Demshar Jim Coombs_Heather DeFalco
Albert Brown, Terry Young         Emily Hammond, John Demshar  Jim Coombs, Heather DeFalco

Debra Hammond_Mike Korchinsky DJ Erica Hintergardt_Tammy Hulva
Debra Hammond, Mike Korchinsky (owner)                                 Erica Hintergardt, Tammy Hulva

Sandra Siebert_Tenika Small Samatha Hogg_Steve Jones Latacia Headings_David Parisi
Sandra Siebert, Tenika Small    Samatha Hogg, Steve Jones     Latacia Headings, David Parisi

Jeremy Vajonc, Katie McKinley, Dustin Dockery, Lisa Ragantesi

Christina North, Pearl Dworkin, Mike Korchinsky, Heather DeFalco

Anthony Hutchins, Graham McLeod, Gabrielle Lobotsky, Jaret Sanders

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