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Willie Brown Book Signing

Former SF mayor Willie Brown had a reception and book signing for his new Basic Brown: My Life and Our Times at Wilkes Bashford.

 Susie Bonsey_Darcy Corkery_Colleen Corkery Wilkes Bashford_Denise Bradley
Susie Bonsey, Darcy & Colleen Corkery                                        Wilkes Bashford, Denise Bradley

Sean Kali-Rai_Miriam Kali-Rai_Chaz Ubell Willie Brown_Charlotte Shultz
Sean & Miriam Kali-Rai, Chaz Ubell                                                  Willie Brown, Charlotte Shultz

Christina Figone_Anne Herrera_Laura Rose Sonya Molodetskaya_Farah Makras
Christina Figone, Anne Herrera, Laura Rose                           Sonya Molodetskaya, Farah Makras

Newsom_Siebel_Brown_Bashford Amos Brown_Joske Thompson
Gavin Newsom, Jennifer Siebel, Willie B., Wilkes B.                       Amos Brown, Joske Thompson

Brandt Hooker_Beth Townsend_Wilkes Bashford Randy Candler_Linda Gikas
Brandt Hooker, Beth Townsend, Wilkes B.                                        Randy Candler, Linda Gikas

Amos B., Darelyn Davis, Johnnie Robinson, Ron Vinson