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St. Vincent At Bimbo’s: More Impressive Than The Album

The petite wide-eyed, curly-haired, crimson-lipped beauty took center stage last night, clearly dominating over all of her male counterparts. Premiering her new album Actor, Miss Annie Clark demanded attention from start to finish, manipulating her guitar in ways that were mesmerizing at the very least. The riffs were hard, everything was perfectly timed, embarrassing tour stories were told, and unfortunately, the time passed quickly. Forget the big stages though; St. Vincent is a cozy, in-your-living-room kind of show. Her sound could be easily lost on a big stage if it wasn’t for her striking demeanor. Although coy and modest, she commands an audience into a worship-like trance that not many artists can pull off, and mark our words, this will not be the only impressive performance that you will see from this little lady.