ONE Renegade Dinner: Come As You Are


Brooke Waterhouse, owner and curator of Project One, is determined to make the recession sexy, one potluck at a time.

Instead of holding a bougie caviar-and-champagne soiree to bring together an intimate group of artistic San Franciscans, Waterhouse and guest host/co-curator of "Come As You Are"/wardrobe stylist Rachel Lena Esterline decided to throw a good old-fashioned potluck to encourage their 40 guests to share dishes and stories in the unique DJ lounge and gallery space in Portero Hill's design district.

The inaugural monthly dinner took place in Project One's gallery surrounded by the "Come As You Are" exhibit, which also served as inspiration for the evening. The guest list read as an eclectic mix of SF visionaries in design, fashion, music, and technology, including Nice Collective designers Joe Haller and Ian Hannula, Chris and Amber Marie Bently, photographer Merkeley???, DJ Jeffrey Paradise and his wife/promoter/photographer Ava Berlin, Riley Johndonnell of Surface Magazine, casting director Carmen Cuba, Emily Morse of "Sex With Emily", and Sheri Sheridan of Swallowtail (who also helped with decor). But to be clear, the seemingly exclusive party is actually meant to be inclusive, as the hosts' goal is to create an atmosphere conducive to weaving the mixed-media fabric of San Francisco through good conversation, food, and of course dancing.

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" will serve as the setting for July's ONE dinner and though the potluck is invite-only, Project One will open its doors to the public at 10:30 p.m. for an after party, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the details to be revealed within the next few weeks.

Check out photos below:

DJ Jeffrey Paradise

Terry Tsipouras

Tod Barnett, Matt Picon, Riley Johndonnell

Lo'renzo Hill-White and Stephen Baccari

Jesse Murray & Emily Morse

Yuri Psinaki & Irene Hernandez-Feikz

Mani Motarjem, Dominique Echeverria, Rachel Lena Esterline, Terry Tsipouras

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