Our Favorite All You Can Eat Sushi in Lake Tahoe


Although Reno usually grabs the spotlight for having some of the best all you can eat sushi in the area, Lake Tahoe has its own array of tasty, AYCE sushi menus. Here are four of the best AYCE sushi menus at the lake, so you can fill up on your favorite selections of nigiri and maki for around $20 for lunch and $25 for dinner.

Sushi Pier Tahoe
This Reno mainstay also has a restaurant in Stateline. They serve the typical nigiri like salmon, tuna, and yellowtail with their nice little Mickey (seared tuna with avocado and crab) and Donald (salmon with avocado and crab) pieces. Their hand rolls include the Salmon Skin, Jason and Wayne, as well as the Joey Ramone with spicy tuna, spicy crab, avocado and green onion. Their lunch rolls include the Buckley with cooked scallops, spicy crab, tobiko and green onion, the Elvis with crystal shrimp, crab and sauce and the Marilyn Monroll with salmon, avocado and cream cheese. The dinner rolls include the Godzilla, the Mountain and the Dragon rolls.

They also have Reservoir Rolls which are named after each of the characters of Mr. Tarantino's classic film. Mr. Blonde has cucumber, lemon, tempura shrimp, avocado, crab, mussels, spicy mayo, green onions and sauce.

Hiro Sushi
Hiro Sushi in Kings Beach has your typical California style sushi with snapper, yellowtail and scallop nigiri and maki sushi like the Spicy Tuna, Rainbow Roll, Soft Shell Crab roll and the Tahoe roll with fresh water eel and macadamia nuts. Their happy hour is a good reason to come to Hiro, because you can get 50 percent off drinks and AYCE for $25. However, the bar fills up fast.

Yoshimi Sushi
Yoshimi is located at the Christmas Tree Village in Incline and is known for having the freshest tasting fish on their AYCE menu (also only at the bar). The mussels in the sauce are an extra special treat. For some heat, get the Southwest Roll or stick with the fresh seared tuna, hamachi and the excellent unagi.

Java Sushi
The AYCE sushi at Java Sushi is only available at the bar and has a one-hour limit, but both their nigiri and rolls taste fresh and are made fast. The most popular rolls are the signature Java Roll with Tempura Crab (Kani), cucumber and avocado, the Dynamite with ahi, serrano peppers, sesame oil, green onion and garlic and the Steddy Eddie's Wild Ride with smoked salmon, cream cheese, green onion and deep fried with tsume sauce. For dinner they offer their Hand Grenades, which are two large, butterflied prawns stuffed with bay shrimp, topped with E.J. and Togarashi spice and then baked.

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