This weekend, hoardes of all your friends, enemies and frenemies will flood Golden Gate Park for the fifth epic year of SF's behemoth musical undertaking, Outside Lands. This makes for one hell of a cluster-f, so naturally, we got to wondering just what it takes to put it all together. Here's what our pals at Another Planet Entertainment told us in terms of numbers.

Compost and recycled materials collected: 78 tons

Bikes parked in the special bike parking section: 9,000

Expected attendees: 195,000

People working the festival: 2,500

Cases of wine at Wine Lands: 1,000

Port-a-potties: 600

Expected celebrity guests: 15

Press outlets in attendance, including journalists from Mexico, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and Austria: 300

Tour buses for all the bands combined: 38

Jumbotrons: 2

Food items available for consumption: 200. Which of course will mean many, many thousands of pounds of food being served.