Peeps: Seasonal and Unlocal Recipes for Cuteness


I thought I'd just whip out a little Peeps blog right now. Whoa. Turns out the Peeps rabbit hole is deep. It's not just a marshmallow. It's a lifestyle.

First of all, you have to choose your search words carefully or you'll get the kind of Peeps that belong at the Lusty Lady (or this, my favorite Peep pic of all time). Up next are plenty of bloggers who criminally use the word peeps with abandon—as in people. I'd lump these people in with those who say they're going to "throw something on the 'que" when they're grilling. Like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Once you google the real Peeps though—the PEEPS with a copyright mark next to them, the ones that have been made since 1953—it's Peeps-mania. It's kind of like a Peep acid trip, actually. There are people like Terri of Peep Hut who suggests you make Peep Waldorf salad and also has a page of recommendations for books based on X-Men. There are the people of Peep Research who have tested the effect of cigarettes on a Peep. There's this guy. (What does that coffee image mean?)

But mostly, it's just good old Americana—with a lot of Peep dioramas thrown in the mix—and people that actually enjoy eating real (or substitute) Peeps. Here are some recipe links.

Noble Peeps
In yesterday's food section in The New York Times, they offer up replacement Peeps (although it doesn't say it in so many words) with something more natural. "Unless I’m buying an artisanal rabbit made from single-origin chocolate, most of the confections look a lot better than they taste," sighs writer Melissa Clark with food-writerly weariness. She then offers up a recipe for homemade marshmallow chicks, using saffron to brighten up her honey-base. Mmmm? I think she's missing the point. Marshmallows—Peeps in particular—are all about the "tooth-aching sugary burst" that she is trying to fix.

Martha Stewart also has a homemade (still not as cute as Peeps) Peep recipe. I knew it!

Those who embrace Peeps for who they are, have been making Peepshi and posting their photos all over the place (see above). Peepshi is Peep sushi made with Rice Krispies for rice and Fruit Roll-Ups for nori. Here's a recipe on Serious Eats with pictures that will show you how.

Peeps Bunny Dips
This recipe is from the Peeps website (warning: the music on the site is cute to the point of nauseating, which is I guess kind of just like Peeps themselves). You make the bunnies little pants of chocolate and then dip that in sprinkles or coconut. Or both.

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