Get ready for an app that will have you walking into poles, missing your stop on Muni and cooing at your phone screen. The California Academy of Sciences just released their free Pocket Penguin app, which is a live webcam continuously pointed at their tiny colony of African penguins, and essentially the biggest time suck to ever hit your phone (both Android and iPhone). Trust us–it's hard to look away.

The app has three camera views, including an underwater one (!!!), and will even set up a special nest cam once it's mating season. The whole thing is a brilliant way to raise awareness for the plight of the African penguins, which were placed on the endangered species list in 2010. Tap the bottom left hand of the screen and you can donate $5 to the Academy to help them protect the natural world.

And don't miss feeding time, which is when they really get riled up, at 10:30 am and 3 pm!