Right around the corner in the formerly abandoned warehouse district that we’ve ignored for so long, a 3,200 square-foot lounge is coming up in the world, and it’s right under our nose. Meet Project One. Project One is an art-focused music lounge with an impressive lineup of celebrity guest DJs (especially for being so new), and an even more impressive clientele in Potrero Hill. Mostly showcasing up-and-coming art collector’s pieces and serving to Bay Area’s version of celebrity (i.e. Apple designers, InCase executives and software heads etc.) and hip 30-somethings looking for an intelligent night out. They were even featured in The New York Times style section this week. Owned by the infamous Waterhouses, this flourishing cutting edge club scene blends art nouveau styles with yuppie cocktails in a sophisticated and unassuming manner. Not to mention the acts they’ve been reeling in are more than appealing (Hercules And Love Affair anyone?). This is definitely a venue to keep your eyes peeled on.