Have you embarked on your Spring cleaning yet? It seems the time to purge and give a good, deep clean to the home is upon us again. If you're on top of it and already have the house spic and span, may we suggest an area you might have, um, missed? It's the shower curtain. Yeah, we said it. You've had that thing for way too long, and the mildew on the bottom looks like it could be growing roots. Eww! Get rid of that old thing and at the same time inexpensively revitalize your bathroom with one of the myriad options at Aldea. They've got a bunch of designs we love from Dwell Studio, India Rose, and Plush Living (to name but a few), and all are available online. It's got us dreaming of other places where a shower curtain could be used - to hide a closet? As a room divider? Sure... just make that one in the bathroom your first priority, please.