Once the home of an eminent UC Berkeley English professor, this c.1933 house has a host of places for your extended library.

The Basics: A  6-bed, 3-bath, 2 .5-bath house in Kensington, an incorporated village just north of Berkeley, and on the market a week. Hidden from the street by shrubbery, the house is arranged around a courtyard and has a swimming pool. Asking $1.650M.

Not So Basic: What the realtor is calling a master bedroom is actually a huge skylit space, lined with custom file cabinets and bookcases,  plus the original tongue-and-groove ceiling and exposed beams. An office big enough for a professor and a few grad students, from days when everything was on paper.

No word on who the architect is, but it looks like the kind of house Cliff May would build in the 1930s: timber, brick and stucco, somewhere between a suburban ranch and rancho, with metal casement windows and arranged around a south-facing courtyard. Read more...