Scenes from 941 Geary's Glen Friedman & Shepard Fairey "F--- You All" Show


Trail blazers and rule breakers from a bygone era sprinkle the soaring white walls of 941 Geary, all captured by legendary fringe culture photographer Glen E. Friedman. This man was one of the first to spray mainstream eyes with images of the gang of Z-Boys from Dogtown (like the middle finger-flipping Tony Alva and Jay Adams), volatile punk acts (like the devil-locked Glenn Danzig in full Misfits regalia, Bad Brains, and Fugazi), and hip hop pioneers like Run D.M.C. and Ice-T.

From the street to old issues of Skateboarder magazine to art galleries (like the Smithsonian Institute) all over the world, his F--- You All exhibition--along with several collaborative renditions by Shepard Fairey--has landed in the Tenderloin space until the end of 2010. Where are all these fiery, full-of-youth iconoclasts now? Displayed here in all their FTW glory, it almost doesn't matter. See Friedman's work before the end of the year, and it will likely remind all of us that there is still, in fact, more to do, more to fix, and more to destroy in this life.

All photos by Randy Dodson

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