School Kids Psyched about Bangs and Crashes From NBC's "Trauma"


You can’t sneeze in New York without running into a film crew or Woody Allen shooting his latest movie. Here in San Francisco, not so much.

But for those who love to gawk and star spot and try to be an extra, three new TV shows are set – and filmed – in the Bay Area.

Today, kids at Live Oak School in Potrero Hill were warned that a film crew from the new NBC series Trauma would be shooting nearby. Trauma (which premieres Monday, Septmeber 28) is a "high-octane medical drama," follows a group of so-called ‘heroic paramedics.’

The block in front of Live Oak is closed off today until 10 pm and the first and second graders were prepped about potentially scary noises they might hear -- such as gun shots and car chases and car crashes.Kids cheered when they heard there would be fake gun shots. Teachers responded by telling the kids that they did not want them to mimic this behavior and that gun play was not allowed during recess.

Perhaps the kids will need to be warned to not imitate the behavior of another show set in the city: Accidentally on Purpose, a CBS sitcom starring Jenna Elfman as a San Francisco movie critic who becomes pregnant after a one-night stand with a much younger man.”

The third is NBC, Parenthood (inspired by the 1989 movie) which is mostly set in Berkeley and filmed its pilot episode at various East Bay locales.

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