Seven JumpstartMD Tips to Avoid Seven Extra Holiday Pounds


Here are healthy holiday tips from JumpstartMD, Northern California’s largest medical practice dedicated to weight management.

1. Limit your alcohol intake this holiday and when you do drink, choose low calorie, low-carb options like champagne or vodka. By opting for champagne over spiked eggnog you save 351 calories!

2. Don’t show up at holiday parties or family gatherings hungry. Choose healthy snacks (that incorporate protein) in between meals to keep your hunger in check.

3. Get up from the table when you are done eating.

4. Take a 20 minute break between dinner and dessert to really know how full you actually are – a great pause during which you can enjoy a cup of tea.

5. Make time to move. Enjoy our crisp winter weather and take a 30 minute walk. Exercise helps keep your stress levels down and will refresh your motivation to make healthier choices for the remainder of the day.

6. Wear outfits that are form fitting. Avoid the elastic waist bands.  

7. Plan ahead for food pushers. Everyone wants a partner in crime when it comes to overindulging. Take a minute and ask yourself, “is this really worth it?” Holiday season or not, there will always be temptations!

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