Six Restaurants with Incredible Views of San Francisco


We all know what SF restaurants have breathtaking views looking out into the Bay, but what about those outside the city which have breathtaking views looking in?

Scattered around the Bay, these wine-and-dine venues mostly reside in prime waterfront locations, turning any casual dinner for two into a stunning, picturesque event. No matter which direction you head, these restaurants provide a refreshing change of scenery, and who knows? You may even find yourself booking a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.


Scoma’s 588 Bridgeway Sausalito

Self-described as a “delightful waterfront treasure,” this restaurant sits directly over the water, and provides a head-on view of the cityscape and Angel Island. Scoma’s, originally a ferry/tug-boat service, is listed as a historical building (according to its website), and still has much of its old-fashioned charm. Though the city view makes for a glowing backdrop after sunset, you won’t be disappointed if you make a trip during daylight hours. The front patio leads up to a street lined with adorable store fronts, making for a fun day of shopping.


Skates on the Bay 100 Seawall Drive, Berkeley

If you are looking for a more modern atmosphere, Skate’s is the place to head. Located on the opposite side of the Bay in Berkeley, Skate’s offers a distant view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, Treasure Island and the city. In fact, Skate’s made OpenTable's 2012 Diners’ Choice Award for one of the Top 100 Scenic View Restaurants in the United States. If you’re looking to grab a bite alone at the bar or sit down for a romantic dinner, this is a great place to unwind, while enjoying multiple lookout points in the bay.


Paragon Restaurant 41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley

Though Paragon has locations in San Francisco and Portland, the Berkeley location provides a gorgeous view of the city. This spot, though not on the waterfront, offers a vast view of the surrounding landscape, in which San Francisco is included. In addition to a stellar view, they also have live music, where musicians come and perform every Friday and Saturday night, and an exciting after-dinner drink menu that you don’t want to miss.


HS Lordships 199 Seawall Drive, Berkeley

This Berkeley waterfront spot has an up close view of the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island, with the cityscape looming in the background. The view is especially showcased in the main ballroom, which offers a sprawling, panoramic view, making it a great venue for for special events.


The Spinnaker 100 Spinnaker Dr., Sausalito

Easily accessible by ferry, car, bus or bike, the Spinnaker is just a few minutes off the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito. This restaurant has an up-close-and-personal view of Angel Island, in addition to more distant landmarks like the Bay Bridge, Belvedere, Alcatraz and the San Francisco cityscape.The Spinnaker, like HS Lordships, is also a great venue for accommodating big parties, and was featured in OpenTable’s 2012 Diners’ Choice Award for one of the Top 100 Scenic View Restaurants in the United States.


The Caprice 2000 Paradise Drive, Tiburon

Located at the tip of Tiburon, The Caprice offers less of a view to the city and more of a direct view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Angel Island. The Caprice has an intimate bar space, and is the place to go if you’re looking for a more relaxing, romantic atmosphere.

What restaurants with views of SF do you love?

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