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Good food is good, and there is no faster way to get it than GoPago. There is no place where this is more true that the FiDi where lunchtime lines are an intimate combination of comical and disheartening. Skip the whole ordeal with GoPago and get a free meal while you’re at it. Use the $10 credit promo code “7x7FiDi” within the next seven days (ends at 11:59pm on Sunday) and see for yourself how easy lunchtime can be. Check out this list of top bites in FiDi enabled for your efficient enjoyment. 
Veggie Melt at Ziggy’s 
If you think veggie burgers taste like cardboard, you haven’t tried Ziggy's version. A black bean patty with swiss cheese, lemon-garlic aioli, cucumber shavings, spinach, radish, tomato and red onion on an Acme roll gives meatless burgers a good name.  
Cuban Sandwich at Breaking Bread 
Even if you don't have a friend to break bread with, you can have a friend in the Cuban Sandwich with roasted pork, ham, and melted swiss pressed in a panini.  
Soup and Salad at Baladie 
The quintessential lunch is brought to new depths with a yellow lentil soup with soaked pita squares adorning each spoonful. Not enough pita for you? It comes with two pita pockets filled with Za'atar that can be dunked for extra flavor. Still not enough? Choose the Fattoush salad, which comes with crispy pita chips. 
Super Falafel at Sunrise Deli 
A falafel with hummus, tahini lettuce and tomatoes is good, but it has nothing on the super-fied version. The super falafel at Sunrise has all the regular fixings plus eggplant and potatoes.
Blue Hawaii Acai Bowl at Blue Hawaii 
We know your lunch break will never be as relaxing as a trip to the islands but the Blue Hawaii bowl with acai and organic soy milk topped with bananas, berries, honey, granola and the ease of the app will come pretty close.

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