The 1970s are Back


Modern product design hustles back to the golden age of louche glamour–the 1970s.

1. With slinky cobra skin and suede 
fringe down to there, Jordan Betten’s  rendition of the Butterfly chair is a throne suited to Scarface’s Tony Montana. It is 
sure to blow your mind. $9,700 at McGuire.

2. Wrapped in brass with a polished finish, this solid mahogany Susu dresser by Sylvan will have you longing for the last days of disco. $20,500 at Coup d’Etat.

3. In the 1970s, Alessandro Albrizzi adorned the homes of jetsetters in his trademark look: Lucite and brass. Albrizzi’s style is exemplified in this dining table fit for a swingin’ palazzo. $8,500 at Antiques du Monde, 925-984-4493, by appointment only.

4. The key to decadence is living outside the lines. For his sand-cast brass objects for Bocci, designer Omer Arbel overflows his molds during the pouring process. The result: Each bowl has its own unique, unpredictable shape. $4,100–$28,000 at Arkitektura In Situ.

5. Cast a delicate spell with this Nagare hanging sculpture, made of nylon monofilament by California artist Kay Sekimachi, is one of only eleven in existence. $49,000 at Almond Hartzog.

6. Set your room asmolder with this Tuell + Reynolds pendant, made from bronze silicon rods that are cut into random lengths, arranged by hand, and welded together to filter an incandescent glow. Price upon request at De Sousa Hughes.

7. At the new SF offshoot of The Future Perfect, look for Lindsey Adelman’s exclusive collection of lighting, including the Boom Boom Burst chandelier made with hand-cast brass spikes and hand-blown glass globes rolled in 24-karat gold foil. $105,000 at The Future Perfect.

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