Writer Terrence Henry, retired early only to go on an eating tour for three months—from Argentina to Italy—and write about it for The Atlantic. Upon his return to the US, he discovered that, "Hidden restaurants, innovative farmers, culinary craftsmen—our nation's love affair with food was continuing to grow and evolve, in spite of a financial crisis thinning the country's pockets and a food system that seems determined to exchange quality and safety for efficiency and profit."

Now that he's back, he's ready to take to the road for "An American Food Tour," complete with a Google map, pinpointing all of his must-do's. His first stop? The very American Montreal.

He's looking for suggestions, but these are the San Francisco places he's got mapped out to visit so far:

Mission Street Food
Out the Door
Yank Sing
Shanghai 1930
Slanted Door
Fatted Calf

I'm thinking he should check out our Big Eat SF. But then again, I'm a little biased about that list.