The Audacity of Layer Cake Wines


In another tasteless election year full of half-truths, back room compromises, and diluted promises, wouldn't it be great to sit down and enjoy something pure and righteous? While many would argue it's akin to a religious intervention, we're talking about enjoying a dose of one hundred percent pure joy via a bottle or two of Layer Cake Wines. 

All seven (yes, seven) varietals from five different countries (yes, five) are uncompromising representations of the best in affordable Malbec (Argentina), Shiraz (Australia), Primitivo (Italy), Garnacha (Spain), Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir (California, USA).  Layer Cake Wines are handcrafted by Jayson Woodbridge, the winemaking wizard behind cult sensation Hundred Acre (which has garnered multiple, perfect 100-point scores from world-renowned critics), with an attention to detail and quality you won't find in wines at this price.   

Now let's actually talk about some details of this type of economic plan.  A bottle of Layer Cake will run you under twenty bucks but "tastes more like a $30-50 bottle" (Robert M. Parker, Wine Advocate). If you've never felt a cool river stone smoothed over centuries by the Mendoza River which flows down the Andes Mountains, tasted fresh olive oil from the soft clay earth of Puglia, Italy or sucked in the fresh ocean breeze off the South Pacific beaches on the edge of McLaren Vale, Australia, you can truly get these sensations from a bottle of Layer Cake. The wines taste more expensive because they're made in a "more expensive" fashion, meaning, with the care taken to produce a bottle of the stuff that makes you pull out a credit card instead of the extra bills from your trip to the farmers market.  

So, with such powerful, bold, rich candidates, which one should you choose?  As Mr. Woodbridge would tell you personally: It's the one you like best!  There's no right or wrong here. The next four years will be positive and fulfilling, no matter what path you pick. With your palate now unshackled, you have the right to be audacious. Pair the Chardonnay with lamb if you want.  The only pretension with Layer Cake is with quality.  

How to recognize the real "cake" in a campaign crowded with pretenders?  They're the bottles with the decadent chocolate layer cake on the label–a reference to the the winemaker's grandfather who taught him that good wine, like the rich soil in which the vines grow, is like a great layer cake. Thus, "Never pass up a layer cake."  There are many things to debate in elections and life, but this truth should be self-evident. You can take home Layer Cake Wines from a number of outlets including Whole Foods and World Plus Markets.  Find out more here.

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