The Black Box Revelation: Belgium’s Answer to Garage Rock


courtesy of the Black Box Revelation

Phenomenal beers and luscious chocolates are two things that have really put Belgium on the map, making it a culinary hedonist’s dream come true. One thing this northwestern European melting pot is definitely not known for: rowdy rock n’ roll. That was until gritty garage duo the Black Box Revelation started bringing their Stooges-meets-the Vines sound to local clubs. Their debut disc Set Your Head On Fire incorporates a sultry blues swagger, like on hard-to-deny single “I Think I like You,” as well as an off-the-hinges primordial rock n’ roll stomp on “Love, Love is On My Mind,” that recalls the sonic thunder of groups like Wolfmother to the Black Keys. This teenage duo, made up of 18-year-old singer and guitarist Jan Paternoster and 16-year-old drummer Dries Van Dijck, kick out the proverbial jams with the maturity and finesse that many more sage and “of age” musicians don’t even possess. Need some rock action in your life? Check out the Black Box Revelation when they play at Kimo’s on Wednesday, June 18. Now there’s another reason to love Belgium—besides the beer.

The Black Box Revelation at Kimo's 1351 Polk St., 415-855-4535
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