No neighborhood—no, not even the city's precious Mission District—has received as much hand-wringing over the last year than the apex of Mid Market, SoMa, and the Tenderloin. And with good reason. With the influx of tech companies and Edison bulb-laced eateries occupying the changing neighborhoods, the combined area stands at a profound turning point. The young elite rubbing shoulders with the lower tax bracket longtimers.

In his most recent show, titled "Neighbors: a collection of environmental portraits,” noted photographer Troy Holden captured the folks who live in area, with each subject phootgraphed in their own home.

"Neighbors," boasting 50 unaffected portraits of residents from the three hoods, proved an astounding success when it first appeared at the Lower Branch Gallery in January. When asked how the subjects reacted to seeing his work, Holden told 7x7, "It was interesting to witness their reactions. I think seeing themselves amongst all 50 portraits provided a sense of inclusion and fitting into something much bigger than just one person—a neighborhood."

You can check out "Neighbors," as well as another exhibit featuring 85 photographs from six other Bay Area photographers, starting this Thursday, June 19 at the Old San Francisco Mint.