The Future of Live Music Promotion in San Francisco


Today's heavily social media and mobile-infused environment is changing the live music landscape. There are already two billion music fans walking around with mobile phones – that’s nearly double the current number of Facebook users.  

It’s no surprise that more and more music fans are turning to their mobile devices for music discovery, ticketing and promotions. Similarly, artists are able to better connect with their fans and easily share information about upcoming shows.

One San Francisco based music company that is setting its sights on making your music life better is Thrillcall. It's helping to fill a void in the local live music scene by using its mobile tech know-how to offer exclusive live music offers and alerting you when your favorite artist is coming to town.

Get the insight scoop

What we’ve seen over the past couple years in San Francisco is that music fans and casual listeners are becoming more receptive to hearing about new live music. Within the Thrillcall app, you can easily find everything that is playing in any major city in the US, and compelling special live music offers that will keep you checking the app each day.  

Be the first to hear about secret shows

The app is unique, in that it brings you localized “flash” offers of exclusive ticket packages. Whether you decide spontaneously or you plan in advance to see a hot new band, the Thrillcall app can land you tickets to sold-out shows, grab you back stage passes, and help you score VIP access.

Bands, like local artists Geographer, are also using the app to better connect with fans by throwing exclusive concerts and pop-up shows. Similarly, Ra Ra Riot, an up-and-coming band out of New York, hosted an event and used the Thrillcall mobile app exclusively to promote and sell tickets to the show and connect with new audiences. This event was a first of its kind, with all ticketing done through the app.

Share your love of music
Share the exclusive offers on Facebook and Twitter via the mobile app so you and your friends can go together to tonight’s show.

Check out the video to see more about how to maximize the app’s benefits; then go ahead and give it a test-drive on iPhone or Android. We guarantee that if you’re a live music lover and have a smartphone habit (which is most of us in SF!), you’ll find the access and the perks hard to resist.

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