The V Lady


It wasn’t until The Vagina Monologues that the word became popular in mainstream media. Sure, at first it was uncomfortable. Newspapers wouldn’t print ads for the show and the evening news talked about the “V monologues,” but not the vagina in its full glory.

Eventually, however, there was a turning point, and the word started rolling off tongues.

“Thank god for Eve Ensler (creator of The Vagina Monologues),” VL exclaimed.

Maybe you’ve seen the Vagina Lady at events around town, from Gay Pride to Bay to Breakers, though not at the Folsom Street Festival (way too many penises in play, I've surmised).

 The V Lady

Her mission is to take the vagina to the streets, get rid of the shame and spread the love. You may have seen her costumes. There’s the one with a flesh-colored labia, her face as the clitoris with a little hood coming over her head. "Look into my eyes. This is where the action is," she’ll say. Or she might be wearing a frilly pink ball gown with a generous slit. If you’re nice, you may be the lucky recipient of a Hershey’s kiss.

But why devote your life to the vagina? They can be so misunderstood in some circles, so when I had the Vagina Lady on my show, we covered a bunch of topics including labiaplasty (surgery for women who aren’t psyched about their god-given goods), masturbation and the ever-changing scent of a woman.

You can check out her website, a feminist endeavor devoted to increasing sex education and understanding the vagina with all its inter and outer workings.


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