This Thursday: The Best Heidi Goes to Switzerland


Get this: The best Heidi (the wholesome one) getup on the "Alpine runway" this Thursday at Justin Herman Plaza wins tickets to Switzerland. We hear it's kinda pretty there, so you'd better accessorize with a goat to win over the judges, which include Hooman from the morning show of Alice 97.3. 

The whole thing's being put on by Swiss International Airlines, and will benefit the Academy of Friends and the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund.  If you win, they'll be flying you (+1, hopefully not a goat) to Zurich, setting you up with 3 nights deluxe accommodations in Zurich and 4-day Swiss Passes for unlimited travel on trains, buses and lake steamers in Switzerland. So start braiding. Practicing open-arm runs on Bernal Heights hill is also advised. 

October 7, Justin Herman Plaza from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Details here:

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