Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge


It’s supposed to be in the 80s in San Francisco on Saturday, but you know what? That’s almost too hot for SF. No one has air conditioning. If the breeze decides to stop cooperating, even Outside Lands won’t seem like much fun. Instead, c’mon east, where air conditioning reigns and there’s no park big enough to host four stages of music at once.

Costumes and Cajuns
Who needs indie rock and gourmet food trucks when you’ve got Zydeco and period costumes? The Cajun/Zydeco Festival at Ardenwood Historic Farm in Fremont this weekend promises a bit of both. In addition to live performances by various Cajun bands, visitors can check out the farm itself, which still grows the same kind of produce that was grown in the region 100 years ago, utilizing agricultural practices from the 1870s to the present. Staff dressed in the clothing of the time are always on hand to answer questions or give a tour.

Ciao Bella!
The Pacific Film Archive is one of Berkeley’s many hidden gems. Located in a cool, dark building across from campus, the archive regularly screens all sorts of great classic films. This summer it’s all about the Bellissima series, focused on women in Italian cinema. The series includes the screening of a different film each Saturday, and this weekend’s screening is Bread, Love and Dreams, starring Gina Lolabrigida. Chances are you’ve seen clips or stills of Lolabrigida from this film, dressed in rags that can barely contain her assets. Taken in its entirety, the film is lighthearted and funny, the perfect way to hide from the sun on a hot Saturday.

Spoon Me
After the movie, head over to Spoon Korean Bistro, a new restaurant opened a couple of months ago by the proprietors of popular Bowl'd. Eschewing the barbecue sold by most of the Bay’s other Korean restaurants, Spoon specializes in juks (rice porridges) and kimpbaps (Korean sushi), including the amazing bacon roll.

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