Three Steps to Maintaining Your Movember Mane


CREAM the Barber (aka Chris Eliares) has been taking the Bay Area by storm with his true-to-life hair art, using only his freehand and his shaving tool. With his clientele ranging from hardcore Bay Area sports fans (see his stunning work at the bottom), to the most dapper of men, Chris’s expertise has taken manscaping to a whole ‘nother level. With Thanksgiving coming around the corner, we can’t afford to have those beards and ‘staches falling into the gravy, baby! So Chris shared with us his top three tips for keeping your Movember mane tame.

1) Uniformity is Key

“For men with the big, burly beards, maintaining it can be rough, especially during the holiday season. The biggest problem is simply keeping the stragglers (the thin, wiry hairs) together. What you can do is first comb or brush your facial hair whenever you get the chance. It will keep the hairs uniform and in the same growth direction. You can also trim the hairs with either an electric clipper or a pair of shears. If you see any hairs hanging out, just cut them off but be careful and don't cut off too much into the beard. Lastly, products always help. You can use a shave oil or even a leave-in conditioner of some sort to keep the hairs in place in case you don't have time to trim.”

2) Focus On Your Strengths

“Just face it, not all men can grow that big, burly beard. No fear, however. The golden rule when it comes to overall styling is to highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses to the best of your abilities. So, if your beard is weak but your mustache is strong, then try to clean shave everything but leave your mustache, making it stand out even stronger. If you don't have the strongest beard and an average mustache, keeping a goatee is your best option. Although the beard culture has been strong over the past few years, especially in San Francisco, don't be discouraged by not having one. Other styles are just as strong.”

3) Choose Wisely

“You can't have a great facial hair style without great tools. You're only as good as your tools. Razor and shaver maintenance is essential for healthy hair as well as skin. Make sure to keep the straight razor in working condition or make sure to dispose of replaceable blades to ensure the closest shave. Clean the electric shavers constantly and replace the shaver heads when needed. In either case, always prepare your skin with water, lather or shaving powder to protect your skin, and always apply after shave after shaving.”

We couldn't resist sharing more of CREAM's truly artistic approach to the traditional haircut:

Giants fever

Kaepernick farewell to Candlestick Park

Golden Gate love

Want to make your hair Chris' next canvas? Visit him at Tao Barber Salon at 595 Potrero Avenue.

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