Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, Is Moving To San Francisco


If you’re an egomaniacal super genius with an affinity for all sorts of high tech gadgets and looking to build a new app, what’s your next step? Why, move to San Francisco, of course. Marvel Comics announced this week at San Diego Comic-Con that Tony Stark, “the cool exec with a heart of steel,” aka Iron Man, is vacating Manhattan and setting up new digs in SF to build an app for his Extremis armor.

The iconic superhero has typically been based (in print, at least) in Manhattan, where Stark Industries is headquartered—and where the Avengers Mansion is located. (Yes, the movies place Stark in a seaside cliff house in Malibu, but whatever.) Dude needs an app, so in true one-percenter fashion he’s heading west to get a sweet taste of that Silicon Valley bubble economy action starting with the November release of Superior Iron Man

When Stark is finished disseminating his Extremis app (backstory for you non-nerds, Extremis is a biotechnology that gives a super boost to human development allowing certain rare persons to evolve at an accelerated pace), we’re hoping he’ll be able to direct his talents to something really antiheroic, like apps for auctioning off your parking spot and getting reservations at State Bird Provisions.

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