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Dine LA’s Top Three Prix-Fixes


I must confess, when I lived in San Francisco I didn’t may much attention to Dine About Town, the annual January promotion designed to lure people from their EnviroLog-brightened living rooms into the city’s restaurants. But now that I dwell in Los Angeles, it’s different, and the reason is simple: Dine LA’s 250-plus restaurants include several of the city’s top-tier A-listers—you know, the restaurants that don’t have to participate because they’re booked solid anyway.

A Southern California Island Vacation in Catalina

Catalina Island Casino

Santa Catalina Island is one of those places most Californians know about, but many have never been. Just 22 miles off the coast of Southern California, it’s so close, yet so far. Not being able to jump in the car and go may simply stop many from going. Yet, not being able to jump in the car and go is one of many reasons that makes the place most simply call Catalina worth a visit.

The Bay Area Guide to Lighthouse Hopping

Lighthouses may have been designed to guide sailors, but they do a pretty good job of getting the attention of drivers as well. Throw them in the mix with a day off, and you’ve got a good reason to hop in the car and go for a drive.

The Sacramento Bacon Fest Returns


What can be said about a certain strip of salty meatiness that hasn't at this point? Bacon now regularly appears inside foods that had nothing to do with bacon even a half decade ago: Gumballs, lollipops, popcorn, chocolates. It wraps other meats, like hot dogs, and is served next to sauces for dipping, a phenomenon that's relatively new in the baconverse. Long-running blogs sing its salt-crusted praises and memes spring up devoted to its red-and-white-stripe-i-ness.

The Top 20 Winter Escapes on Airbnb

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We’re right there with you—in the mid-winter doldrums and itching for an escape. Visions of beachside bungalows or cozy mountain cabins led us to Airbnb, where we picked 20 amazing places for the perfect California getaway.

Catalina’s Hidden Gem

There’s something about being on an island. There’s also something about being on an island when the town you’re in only has about 250 folks who call it home. No crowds, no waits. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city lining Two Harbors, Santa Catalina Island is for you.

LA’s Best East-Side Yoga

Yoga in LA

Everyone knows about the stellar yoga to be had on the west side of Los Angeles—Vinnie Marino, Shiva Rea, and Bryan Kest draw A-list celebrities to the mat within a stone’s throw of the ocean. But the east side has its own quiet vinyasa scene going on. Here are the top spots to get flowing without hopping on the 10.

Bay Area Parks Worth a Winter Visit

Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve

Exploring the seemingly endless number of great parks in the Bay Area may seem like a summertime thing, but if you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense. This is the time of year when we could all benefit from the peace and quiet most parks have to offer.

A Winter Wonderland Below the Teton Range

Driggs, Idaho

As the masses, in pursuit of powder, flock to tapped-out tourist destinations, the in-the-know quietly make haste to Idaho, where the hidden enclaves of Teton Valley—including the one-road town of Driggs—are the snow seeker’s best-kept secret.

Hollywood Meets Gold Country

Columbia State Historic Park

Hollywood gets its inspiration from all walks of life, history included. Gold Country is loaded with history, so it makes sense the two would cross paths. Many movies and television shows have called Gold Country home, but along with making some fun movie buff trivia, Tinseltown helps bring history to life for Tuolumne County visitors every day.

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