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Kayak, Hike, or Bike Your Way to a Refreshing Beer on Tahoe's Ale Trail

Nothing quenches your thirst better than a cold brew at the end of a long bike ride. Or a delicious beer after a day spent on the water. Whatever your preferred sport, there's a beer (or two, or three) waiting for you at the end of the Tahoe Ale Trail.

A Modern Guide to Eureka

Once upon a time, Eureka was a vibrant seaport, rivaled only in importance by San Francisco itself. While many city folks may find themselves wondering Where's Eureka?, the Humboldt County seat is making a comeback among tree huggers, art buffs, and foodies craving oysters and craft beer.

The Best Camping Spots on the Northern California Coast

California's coastal camping options are nearly limitless. So go get cozy around a campfire and enjoy the outdoors every month of the year. 

12 Breathtaking Photos That Will Make You Want to Hike the John Muir Trail

The John Muir Hiking Trail (a.k.a. the motherland of breathtaking views) is named after the nation's most influential naturalists and founder of the Sierra Club, John Muir. Running 211 miles north and south, the trail spans over three national parks, beginning at the glaciated granite domes of Yosemite to the 14,505-foot summit of Mount Whitney (the highest point in the continental United States). 

A San Franciscan's Guide to Eating, Drinking & Tanning in Sydney, Australia

I know what you're thinking: Sydney is hella far. It seemed that way to me too when I was first approached about an opportunity to explore the Land Down Under. But after spending ten days in San Francisco's sunniest sister city, I can safely report that it's not that far, and it's a lot like California. 

In Sydney, Mardi Gras Means a Fabulous LGBT Pride Parade

In the United States (and most of the world), Mardi Gras celebrates Fat Tuesday, the day before the fasting period of Lent begins, when gluttony and over-indulgence are encouraged and celebrated in the streets with colorful beads and costumes—we're looking at you, New Orleans. In Australia, however, Mardi Gras happens closer to Easter, doesn't involve enormous amounts of food, and doesn't even take place on a Tuesday. Confused? So were we. 

24 Gorgeous Hours in Tahoe (Winter Storm Be Damned)

On Friday night, as we sat gridlocked for an hour at the chain control checkpoint on Highway 80 just 15 miles outside of Tahoe, the snow and ice taunting our increasingly useless windshield wipers, we predicted a sad and skiless weekend. But, as we do, we made the most of it. Should you get stuck in Tahoe in a winter storm, find some fun by taking a walk in our (snow)shoes.

5 Sober Things to Do in Healdsburg

Healdsburg may draw throngs of visitors with its verdant fields of vino, but there's much more to it than booze. Here are five things to do in the little Sonoma County gem that will leave you feeling footloose sans alcohol.

Rad Activities in North Lake Tahoe (When You Can’t Ski)

With this weekend's wet weather prediction, snow enthusiasts will be headed to Tahoe for one last run down the mountain before the spring thaw. But if extreme snow sports aren’t really your thing, there's still lots of reason to make the drive. Here are eight rad alternatives to hitting the slopes this weekend. 

Discover Cloverdale, the Hidden Secret of Sonoma Wine Country

Charming Cloverdale, located in Northern Sonoma County, has all the warm and inviting ambiance you expect from a small town. Spend a weekend in Cloverdale, and embrace the very best of what Wine Country has to offer. 

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