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Best of 2010: The Day


You've got free time? We've got a way to fill it. Jump on a trampoline, fish from a pier, head to Chinatown for a nooner, teach your dog a brand-new trick. Wait no longer: Daylight is burning.

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Best Reasons to Skip the Gym

Got Gas?

Having done my fair share of road travel (about 30 years' worth of car trips around the West), gas prices are always interesting to me. The steady increase brings back memories of a 10-day road trip I took in August 2008 from San Francisco to Jackson Hole, WY that nearly sent my boyfriend and me into bankruptcy. I also remember, with great fondness, a road trip a few months later, in December 2008, to Zion National Park via Tucson and Las Vegas, during which we enjoyed prices as low as $1.46 per gallon (yes, this also coincided with the economy's downward spiral, but we were still happy for the consequential rock-bottom gas prices despite the world's gloomy forecast). Almost brings a tear to my eye.

Quick Map of Bay to Breakers Highlights

Everyone knows Halloween is the best holiday of the year, which is why Bay to Breakers makes sense. It's one long party that invades almost the entire city every third Sunday of May, and oh yeah, some people actually run all 12 kilometers of it! The giant, moving costume-party-meets-foot-race has become one of the largest in the world, often with almost all 50 states of the US represented and runners from over 24 countries in attendance.

Bike to Work Day Tomorrow!

Granted the bike-to-work concept is a bit, as the Australians say, "like falling off a log," especially for you day-to-day pedalers, but methinks tomorrow's 16th Annual Bike to Work event is meant to inspire commuters of the four-wheel kind (and yes, that includes bus riders—maybe you'll trade the dank recesses of Muni transportation for fresh air and a little invigorating exercise!). If you cycle the well-traveled corridors—along the Panhandle and the Wiggle, for example—you'll hit Energizer Stations that will hand out some pretty good schwag, including water and commemorative canvas bags (I still use mine from past years to haul groceries and gym clothes. Not at the same time, but you get the idea.

Pet Poll : The Top 10 Finalists

Thanks for Voting! We will announce the winner VERY SOON! So exciting!

Playing by the Rules at ING Bay to Breakers

With San Francisco's iconic annual foot race just 10 days away (May 16), I thought I'd deliver this gentle reminder for as-yet unregistered runners, walkers and float maneuverers—costume-clad or not—to sign up. And, not just because I'm a total teetotaler or a stick-in-the-mud (both of which I can be, often), I'd like to bring to light the Bay to Breakers' official stance on booze without incurring a barrage of boos, hisses and lobbed rotten eggs or tomatoes. Don't shoot the messenger, people.

From the website:

Wheels and Ink: City Underground Festival

Thirty-five of the best amateur skaters in the country descend on Fort Mason Center this Saturday - including Ben Hatchell (by all accounts a bad ass) and locals Aaron Herrington, Tristan Moss, Jerry Gurney, and Jack Given - to compete in the first World Cup skating competition San Francisco has seen in nine years. As a collective, at least. There are perhaps individual San Franciscans who have seen skating competitions in the past decade. The point is, it's been awhile since our fair city hosted this vivid maelstrom of robust youth culture. (Do I sound old? I am old.) (YOU KIDS GET YOUR SAGGING SKINNY JEANS OFF MY STOOP.)

Follow that Bird: 7x7 Drives the 49-Mile Scenic Drive (Part 1)


So that 49-Mile Scenic Drive? We'd never actually driven the whole thing so we decided to go joyriding with a camera in tow. Check out Part 1 below, where we cruise through Twin Peaks, Dolores Park and the Embarcadero. Next week: Part 2. It's a cliffhanger.

Oh, and send it to your mom, she misses you.


Pet Poll: Our First Annual Search for SF's Cutest Household Animal

Although we've wasted many a work hour watching those Shiba Inu pups roll over and fight each other, we've decided it's high time to give some other SF pets some credit. Like yours.

Paddle for Pancakes this Saturday

Not much could get me out in the waters at Mission Bay—I'm from Hawaii so unless the aqua is topaz-blue and 70 degrees, I ain't dippin' one single toe in it. But, dangle a stack of pancakes—dripping with that wondrous amalgamation of syrup and butter—in front of my eyes and I'll brave the current surrounding that industrial area anyday. Even better that I can put a nice sturdy kayak between me and the drink at the Paddle for Pancakes event this Saturday. Start at the boathouse at Mission Creek Sports Park at 9:30 a.m., where you'll get on-land instuction for kayak maneuvering and safety.

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