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If Your Christmas Tree Isn't Upside-down This Year, You're Doing It Wrong


Reversed Christmas Trees are all the rage, but it all began with one.

Last year, Westfield Shopping Centre's 50-foot tree hung suspended from the dome; and it became an Instagram sensation. This year, the bottoms up concept has not only returned to the mall, but seems to be taking living rooms and hotels by storm. A quick search for #UpSideDownChristmasTree on Instagram brings up over 3,000 posts of holiday shrubs in reverse. They've become so popular that Target, Amazon and Wayfair have caught on and are selling the à la mode decor with people paying up to $1,000 to get their hands on one; though not all are in favor of the topsy-turvy ornamentation. Despite all the hubbub around it, The Spruce points out that a Christmas tree hung in reverse is nothing new and began as a religious symbol in Central and Eastern Europe. You have to admit though, it does open up quite a bit of real estate underneath for gifts. The official lighting of Westfield's tree will take place November 30th, but until then, here are twenty of our favorite inverted trees.

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