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Me and my pit bull, Olie, both like Coffee Bar.

ARC café was a kind of coffee shop underdog, I’ll admit, but it wasn’t bad. The coffee was strong and the counter staff was pleasant, but in the coffee-crazed Mission, it’s just not enough to be strong and pleasant. You have to be strong, pleasant, organic, local, offer free WiFi, have good snacks and maybe serve wine after dark, too. So it’s little surprise that the ARC finally closed, and that it has been replaced by Coffee Bar, which offers all of the above.

It is run by Luigi di Ruocco (formerly of Mr. Espresso) and Jason Paul, and they’ve done a good job of giving this lofty space, hidden a block off of Bryant Street near Mariposa and 17th, a facelift. Now it’s all blond wood and oversize photographs, with lipstick-red café tables in the courtyard and lots of seating inside, on the second level. They’re using organic milk in the coffee, make a fine espresso and the food sounds good—ranging from morning pastries made by Townsend Street bakery Patisserie Philippe to a selection of nice salads and sandwiches at lunch. They also have an impressive beer and wine list and some snackable options for the after-5 crowd.

I miss ARC, a little, but I like Coffee Bar. A lot.
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