Weird Art in Bars: Molotov


Decorated in large part by the random stickers so highly favored by bars in the lower Haight, Molotov distinguishes itself by also featuring pinup girls, black and white portraits, and men in straw cowboy hats tipping slowly to the left. Also, $3 whisky sours at happy hour. So you can afford to get really smashed no matter what the economy’s doing. Which might explain all the drunk dudes playing the Lord of the Rings pin ball machine.

Black and white portraits: a Native American/European/Gender Analagous-looking woman with a rooster on her shoulder stares at me as I drink my whisky sour. Across the pool table is a concert, painted by someone who is very fond of dry ice and under the influence of some serious pot.
Vintage pinup girls: lounging across Tattoo signs and moon slivers, looking like they’re about to kick up their drawers and bust out a burlesque cancan. Drink enough and one of them will probably do just that.

Men in cowboy hats, tipping slowly: not guaranteed.

Hit the bathroom and you’ll find a cartoon Frankenstein adorning the men’s and a vampire chick with some serious fangs and a serious attitude guarding the women's. Attitude implied by the decapitated head she holds by the hair.
Molotov’s, at 582 Haight Street. 415-558-8019.


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