Beneath the gleeful pitter pat of tiny feet in the Magic Kingdom is less pixie dust and more debauchery and disillusionment. Award-winning local playwright Trevor Allen (The Creature and Lolita Roadtrip) first descended into the bowels of the Happiest Place on Earth for the 1996 Fringe Festival, where he scored so much popular and critical acclaim that he turned it into a full-length play. Now Working for the Mouse is back at Impact Theatre for a limited run, answering questions like, “What kind of underwear does Mickey wear?” and "How baked does Alice get at house parties?" 

Wearing a large, fabricated animal head in the Magic Kingdom just as harrowing as you’d expect. Allen climbs his way through the character caste system, playing Pluto, Mr. Smee, and the Mad Hatter - all while yearning to reach the pinnacle of Disney success by being cast as Peter Pan. Shifting between the roles of his one-man show, Allen exposes the mouse's dark underbelly in an “amusing, skillful, and contagiously warmhearted,” (SF Bay Guardian) coming-of-age tale of sex, drugs, and Disneyland. 

June 23-July 8. La Val’s Subterranean Theater, 1834 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley. Tickets are $10-20 at