#TBT: The Craziest Old Laws Still on the Books in San Francisco


Oh, San Francisco. We're known for doing things our own way, so why should our laws be any different? Here are 10 crazy laws (not to be confused with crazy in-laws) that are still in effect in the city. Don't be surprised if you find some confusing, or if you've broken one or two. We have a feeling you won't need to lawyer-up anytime soon.

Can’t Sell Ground Squirrels

via Pexels

According to Section 103 of the Health Code, it is illegal to import, "expose for sale or exchange," or deliver ground squirrels. This was approved in 1909, when squirrels in other California counties proved to have the bubonic plague. You also can't have one in your possession in San Francisco, so you're going to have to leave that fluffy friend you bonded with in Golden Gate Park in his or her natural habitat.

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