21st Amendment's Spring Tweet: A Beer to Tweet About


Twitter has reached new heights this morning—21st Amendment brewer Shaun O'Sullivan is live-tweeting (is that an oxy-moron?) the brewing process of his latest creation: a spring ale made with floral, spicy hops, a brew he called "light, refreshing and drinkable"—in other words, perfect for spring. After soliciting name suggestions from his twitter feed followers (go on, follow it now!) they finally settled on a name, Spring Tweet. Ah, shucks. All day today Shaun will be posting pictures and step-by-step updates; I suggested that for his next beer, he let his followers help make decisions, via tweets, at critical junctures. What type of malt to use? What type of hops? In other words, a kind of choose-your-own adventure brewing. He said he'd consider it.

What's with 21st Amendment's love for Twitter? Well, according to Shaun, the proximity of Twitter headquarters has a lot to do with it, and the fact that 21st Amendment has become the de facto spot in the neighborhood for "tweet-ups" (real-live meet ups among twitters with shared interests). Rumor has it that when the limited-edition Spring Tweet is released—only 24 kegs are being made, and it will make its debut on April 6—the Twitter staff will be on-hand for the launch.

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