330 Ritch


DJ Scene

Those who delight in all things “saw-them-before-they-blew-up” (as in, “I saw Amy Winehouse before she blew up,” or “I saw Lily Allen before she blew up,” or “I saw the Killers before they blew up”) are likely familiar with 330 Ritch. As home to the weekly Thursday night party Popscene, the venue is the go-to place for off the moment music.

But much like Grey’s Anatomy/Gossip Girl/30 Rock /fill-in-name-of-TV-show-you’ve-been-pining-for-here, San Francisco has had to go without its dose of Ritch riches recently, so that the venue could undergo a renovation. Well, the wait is over my friends. This week 330 Ritch opens its doors as a newly fancified musical venue, complete with a revamped interior and full menu of tapas and late night snacks after 2am. What’s more, the folks behind the makeover, the promoters known as City Visions, are also inaugurating a new Friday night dance party—the first of which is set for this week’s grand opening, with DJ Scene presiding over tunes. Be there Friday night, April 4, and you’re guaranteed your next “I was there before it blew up” anecdote.
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