5 Home Security Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Safer


Some tech companies want to add extra serenity to your life with some pretty nifty home security gadgets to help you feel secure whether you're away or at home. Because no one wants a terrifying "the call is coming from inside the house" moment.


Dropcam is a cloud-based Wi-Fi video monitoring service with free live streaming, two-way talk, and remote viewing that makes it easy to stay connected with places, people, kids, trouble-making teens, and pets, no matter where you are. The Dropcam device will send you a push notification if it senses motion, prompting you to check-in on the live video stream via your mobile device (day or night). Moreover, if you are away and you have to leave the cat at home, you can talk to your kitty by Dropcam's two-way microphone.

August Smart Lock

You don't need any keys or codes to come and go from you apartment. The August Smart Lock gives you secure access to your home. Simply install the cylinder on the interior side of your door by removing your thumb latch and attaching your smart lock to the deadbolt. When you're nearby, it will communicate to your smartphone to lock and/or unlock the door. Nowhere near home? You can also unlock your door for guests via a virtual key — perfect for your dog walker!

AT&T Digital Life

Not only willAT&T Digital Life's simple security system monitoring your house (which you can view via a handy app). but you can also install a glass-break sensor, a remote control to lock and unlock your door(s), and even check on a camera that allows you to see whether or not you left the garage door open. Again!


Launching later this year, Netatmo Welcome is a gorgeous, aluminum design-camera that informs you of anyone inside your abode. Paranoia has never looked this chic! The Netatmo device will let you know if someone (e.g., an intruder) is walking up your stairs, or who is in front of your door waiting for you. This elegant gadget works using a facial recognition system with a 130-degree view range. What's more, it has infrared LED to see in the dark. So, for example, if a stalker is at your door at 3:47 a.m., it will send you a notification. Brace.


Snap is a lamp that will light up your living room should anyone other than you or your loved ones pass by. The light bulb contains a motion sensor and a camera for facial recognition.


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