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The "Flintstones home" is on the market, McDonald's is serving breakfast all day, and more amazing news items from the past week. 

Bay Area Flintstones Home for Sale for 4.2M, NBCBayArea

Hillsborough's most recognizable piece of real estate has hit the market. The home at 45 Berryessa Way, though relatively small by the town's standards at 2,730 square feet, is seeking a big price tag of $4.2 million. Visible from Interstate Highway 280, the 39-year-old three bedroom, two bathroom house is striking for its amorphous dome shapes, made of wire and shotcrete.

Obama Dances With Alaskan Children, NYTimes

The president’s Alaska trip [to give a speech about climate change] brought him to Dillingham on Wednesday, where he attended an event at a children’s school and joined the kids in a dance.

Librarians Deliver Books to Kids in "Book Deserts", GOOD Magazine

Books on bikes are a creative solution gaining popularity in the U.S. and abroad. A scaled-down version of the book mobiles that were once a fixture of many middle- and upper-class childhoods in America, these pedal-powered libraries allow librarians to bring books out of the library shelves and into the communities they serve. And in places that lack roads and infrastructure for a book mobile, they can also prove more practical.

New iPhone to be Unveiled September 9th, The Independent

Now might be the worst possible time to buy an iPhone — the new one is set to be released in mid-September, if previous launch schedules are to go by.Apple has already set the likely launch date for the phone, sending out invitations to journalists for an event on September 9, when it will almost certainly unveil the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and a new Apple TV. But none of those products will be released that day. Apple usually takes about a week and a half between unveiling and then starting to sell the product. The company has in recent years held its iPhone events on Tuesday, launching the phone on the Friday of the following week. Though the former will be held on a Wednesday this year, it’s unlikely that Apple will push back the latter — meaning that the likely UK and US release date will fall on September 18.

McDonalds Confirms 24 Hour Breakfast, NBC

McDonald's will begin serving breakfast any time of the day nationwide beginning Oct. 6, the company said Tuesday. There will be two types of markets when all-day breakfast rolls out. One market will offer McMuffin sandwiches and no biscuits while the other will offer biscuits and not McMuffins. Both will offer platters, sausage burritos and sides.

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