58th Annual Sausalito Art Festival Kicks Friday with "Sausalito Uncensored"


Kick off Labor Day weekend right with a jaunt across the bay to the shores of Sausalito for the 58th Annual Sausalito Art Festival and its Opening Gala ceremony this Friday.

The Opening Gala, themed "Sausalito Uncensored", is an opportunity to peruse the Bay Area's fine arts scene, partake in a lavish dinner and then dance it all off to party bands Tainted Love and Club 90. Those who attend the gala will also be among the first to view the over 20,000 works of art showcasing at this year's festival, strolling along the waterfront with drinks in hand to the sounds of the Starduster Orchestra. Sounds grand, no?

All proceeds from this gorgeous festival and gala go to support Creativity Explored, a nonprofit visual arts center that helps artists with developmental disabilities with creating, exhibiting and selling art. This Marin County mainstay has been signaling fall in the Bay Area longer than many of us have been alive! For a cool $150, you can be a part of it. Grab tickets here.

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