6 Eggnog Cocktails To Put You In The Holiday Spirit

6 Eggnog Cocktails To Put You In The Holiday Spirit


As the weather’s been indicating for weeks now: winter has come. There’s no denying it. Christmas trees attach precariously on car rooftops, red and green lights dot apartment buildings, and eggnog is making its way onto menus around the Bay. That rich, frothy, alcoholic (or virgin, but who are we kidding?) beverage means that Christmas is here and it’s time to cozy up by the fire. Whether you like the stuff or not, it’s a must for ringing in the holiday season. So say ‘cheers’ in style at these SF bars.

The Ice Cream Bar

When it comes to delicious, classic wintertime beverages, look no further than San Francisco’s own 1930s style soda fountain. From ice creams to herbal extracts (think ginger ale), they do everything by hand here, which is why their boozy eggnog is one of the city’s best. Their port eggnog combines Graham’s 10 year old tawny port, egg, cream, turbinado syrup, and fresh nutmeg for a sumptuous holiday drink that will have you caroling in no time. 815 Cole St.

Trick Dog

The Bon Vivants are concocting some of the best cocktails in the city, so its no wonder they’re playing with this holiday classic. Morgan Schick’s Trick Nog updates the original with unique flavors: cherry heering, brown sugar syrup, and a splash of orange juice. Wild Turkey Bourbon, cream, egg, and cinnamon remain the traditional base of the cocktail, but the fruity overtones also evoke flavors of Christmas spice. 3010 20th St.


Part dive, part craft bar, the mixologists at Elixir always have something seasonal up their sleeves. Put a little kick in your step this winter with with H. Joseph Ehrmann’s Añogo — a Mexican take on the classic. Añejo tequila, house-made eggnog, and a singed orange twist are all it takes to feel as if you’re sitting by the fire. The citrus notes in the tequila pair nicely with the toasted orange oils in this frothy holiday beverage. 3200 16th St.

Presidio Social Club

Ever secretly wish you were fancy and rich enough to belong to an exclusive club? Presidio Social Club gives you all that swagger without draining your wallet. Sit back and relax in this old school eatery and cocktail bar with hospitality that’ll have you feeling like a member in no time. Sip on their luscious homemade eggnog developed by pastry chef Rene Cruz with house whipped cream. 563 Ruger St.


This sexy Latin steakhouse makes a mean ceviche and flank steak with chimichurri. But don’t let their Argentinian charm sway you from ordering a quintessentially American cocktail. Bar manager Nora Furst is blending egg, brandy, aged rum, and Jamaican rum (that’s a lot of booze — we’re not complaining), with cream, nutmeg, and other spices. If it’s one thing the Argentines know, it’s spice — and that’s what makes this ‘nog one of the standouts. 2518 Mission St.


Small plate and cocktail pairing haunt, Maven, is going festive for the holidays. Their Milk Punch (a scrumptious blend of Jamaican rum, amaro, milk punch, egg white, and cola) is turning noggy this season. Mixologist Kate Bolton will be whipping up a blend of rum, bourbon, eggnog, vanilla, malt, gomme, nutmeg, and egg for some Christmas cheer in a glass. 598 Haight St.


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